We recently went into the office for directions to the graves of our (5) deceased loved ones.  Lori (Lewis) could have just showed us on a map. Instead she went outside and walked with us and waited until she was sure we understood where everyone was located.  We really appreciated her kindness and would be remiss if we did not let her know that her good deed was appreciated.

Elaine W.

Dear Bill,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Steve Pilchik helping our family’s grave site of our long lost uncle,
Ruby Cohn, which took a lot of time and effort.

Elaine W

The Simon Family

My family has been well served by the Montefiore Cemetery family for 40+ years. A visit to a cemetery to remember loved ones and friends is a solemn experience for most. Experiencing the care and attention provided by the Montefiore maintenance staff at the direction of its management to the thorough preservation of our family’s gravesites throughout the years is truly heartening. We especially appreciate dealing with Lori Lewis, a most responsive and compassionate staff member.

The Simon Family
Fort Washington, PA

Fran L. and Arthur D.

It was such a pleasure speaking to you. Our experience with Lori was so pleasant! We were putting this off. Death is not a subject that we wanted to address. After meeting with Lori our views on preparing for death has changed. We are relieved that our arrangements are complete.

Poulina K.

Attn: Samantha Bromley
I would like to thank you for the incredible job you did by helping me and my family in such a difficult time. You are highly professional and a person with a kind soul. You understand clients and take an extra step to help. THANK YOU!
Warm Regards.

Cheryl R.

Last week I attended the funeral of Fred N. There were many mourners with many cars. I arrived early and was helped with a parking space by a lovely man. I do not know his name, but I saw him in an ad for Montefiore in the Jewish Exponent. He was also there when I left and he directed me to the Shelmire Street exit, where another nice employee stopped traffic for my exit. I would like you to be aware of your employee’s kindness. Thank you.

Arlene M.

With the unveiling for my father, Harold S., I was pleasantly surprised that I was given such “carte blanche”. I just needed to give a date – I didn’t have to get specific with time or notify anyone if I wanted to change the time.

Doris N.

I would nominate Samantha for “Woman of the Year.” It has been 2 years since my husband died. Samantha promised me she would take care of my Lenny. She has and continues to listen and speak with me. I know Samantha will take care of me. Montefiore Cemetery is the only place I find peace. Samantha has really turned the place around. She made me feel like anything I needed would be accommodated. She’s a real lady. She has a heart of gold and I love her like my own daughter.